About Us

Who We Are

HP Telecom Pty Ltd is a Business accredited Partner of Telstra and a member of Aria Technologies. With over 20 years industry experience our committed team specialise in the development of solutions to optimize communications for small to medium businesses. Our strengths consist of customer advocacy, professionalism, single point of contact ?not a call centre?, focusing on company human resources by tailoring the correct communications for each member to help increase productivity, help drive down communications costs to maximize savings for your company in an ever demanding competitive market.

We offer solutions for fixed line Telstra Business Systems (TBS), Telstra Business Broadband (TBB), Telstra Mobile and Telstra Mobile Broadband (TMB). Our dedicated staff are always happy to help you with any questions you may have in relation to understanding your telecommunications needs or just simply problem solving some of the many different aspects to your communication products.